Harvesting UA's Mesquite Trees

Working with local non-profit Desert Harvesters, a group of UA students, employees, and community members collect, harvest, and mill mesquite tree bean pods into flour to use in deserts and baking mixes. In the summer of 2011, volunteers from the UA community collected over 80 pounds of dry pods for milling.

Sustainability Mural with the Honors College

In an effort to promote sustainability, SolarCats partnered with the Honors College in Spring 2011 to create a sustainability mural that could be shown to potential and incoming freshman during Honors College tours. A large, yellow sun is featured behind the prominent UA letters, with other sustainability-related images such as the earth and a solar panel also making an appearance in the corners.

Solar Panels on Posada San Pedro Residence Hall

The SolarCats club very first mission was to get photovoltaic solar panels on their PSP residence hall. After nearly 3 years of research and more research, presenting for funding, and waiting for installation, the 44 photovoltaic solar panels were finally installed atop the PSP roof in September 2011. This marked the culmination of the club's original project and the beginning of the club's exploration into new projects involving solar energy at the University of Arizona.

Sustainability Condoms

The goal of these sustainability condoms is to educate University of Arizona students and residents of Tucson about current energy use and methods to reduce their energy consumption in a way that attracts people’s attention. There are six packaging designs for people to collect. Inside each packaging there is one condom and different information about electricity usage and technology related to lighting.


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