Arizona Environment was established in May 2023 as a program within the Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR). It is designed to provide a platform serving all of campus in unifying and elevating environment-related activities. Arizona Environment elevates environment-related initiatives and achievements of the whole of the University, including but not limited to units within AIR.

Our vision:

We strive to see the University of Arizona recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its excellence in environmental research, creative activity, education and innovation.

Our mission:

Arizona Environment serves and promotes environmental and sustainability-related programs at the University of Arizona through one unifying voice. By uplifting research initiatives and creative activities, inspiring students, and cultivating community connections, Arizona Environment supports the creative, collaborative and solutions-oriented impacts of the University of Arizona toward cultivating a healthier environment for all.

Our goals:

  1. Elevate the local, national, and global reputation of UArizona’s environment and sustainability research and creativity enterprises.
  2. Assist and empower environmentally-interested students in finding their home department, lab, or major on campus, and strengthen the community of these students across UArizona.
  3. Support environmental research and creative collaborations across and beyond campus.
  4. Facilitate community connections to University environment and sustainability opportunities.

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Who we are