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Connecting people through a passion for environment

Being Arizona's only land-grant university means that our connection to the community is deeper than just the land we occupy. The University of Arizona has a commitment to supporting, collaborating and working with the vibrant communities that make up Southern Arizona, especially when it comes to the stewardship of our environment. 

Whether you're a community member, an educator, or are just looking to get involved, explore ways to interact with the many environmental units at the University of Arizona.

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The university hosts many environmental and educational events for the community and larger public.

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Making Arizona: Land & Water

Resilience in the face of climate change.

Arizona is feeling the intensifying effects of global climate change as extreme heat breaks new records and water scarcity concerns grow.

Making Arizona highlights these effects and showcases stories of Arizonans experiencing and addressing aspects of climate change. 

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Two women pulling weeds in a garden together on a cool fall day

Community Outreach

The University of Arizona connects with the community through outreach and partnerships that educate community members about and promote sustainable agriculture and gardening, water and watershed conservation and restoration, and more.

Large group of students listening to student leadership explain the directions at a environmental volunteering event

Resources for the Community

The University of Arizona serves as a vast resource of public information on a variety of topics, focusing on education of earth and environmental sciences, farming and ranching in Arizona, climate and its impacts, wildfire management, renewable energy, phenology and much more.

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Citizen Science

The University of Arizona and its research partners value the involvement and dedication of community members in contributing to scientific knowledge. Citizen scientists work in collaboration with scientists and researchers on a variety of projects to help researchers more quickly and efficiently address societal and environmental needs, accelerate science and innovation, and improve understanding of the natural world.