Converting Grease to Gas

With the support of the Green Fund, UA students and faculty are converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel that can be used to power UA vehicles. Tucson-based Grecycle has been collecting used cooking oil from local businesses to produce biofuel since 2005 and is now serving as an industrial partner to the campus project. Students will learn not only the process for converting waste cooking oil into biofuel; they will learn important quality control standards and testing.

Assessing a Tree’s Value: UA Campus Arboretum

The UA Campus Arboretum consists of 7,810 mature trees spread across 387 acres. Using i-Trees software, which accounts for the location, species, size, and age of each tree, students are assessing the value of campus trees both in economic terms—maintenance expenses and energy cost savings—as well as environmental—atmospheric carbon reduction and air quality benefits.


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