UA professor researching cloud seeding to make it rain

Here in the desert, we can always use some rain — and Armin Sorooshian can make it happen. Sort of.

Monsoon is set to unleash flooding rains in drought-stricken Arizona

The punishing heat wave continues in much of the West. However, for some in places in the Southwest including Arizona, the long-awaited monsoon will bring milder temperatures and rainfall.

Juniper trees usually thrive in Arizona's arid climate. The drought is killing them

Drying juniper berries litter the ground as Rusine Stanley plunges a water hose into empty tanks in her backyard. As bubbles begin to gurgle, each tank fills to the brim.

How will cities adapt to extreme heat?

Heatwaves are getting worse. Can urban America stay cool?

University of Arizona creates ‘Monsoon Fantasy’ game

The University of Arizona recently launched a new game, in which the public can estimate rain measurements during the monsoon season and win prizes. 

Snow drought taking toll on river levels, water supply in west

A decades-long drought is taking its toll, causing water to disappear and causing a snow drought in the western part of the United States.

'You put yourself in incredible peril': Extreme heat can be deadly for border crossers, officials warn

In the scorching heat, against the backdrop of a vehicle barrier separating the United States from Mexico, officials from federal agencies in both countries came together to explain the dangers of crossing their shared border.

Insects benefiting from early monsoon rains

Termites and mosquitoes are among those going through seasonal life cycles.

Carbon removal hype is becoming a dangerous distraction

Corporations and nations are touting plans to suck greenhouse gases out of the air. But the crucial priority this decade is slashing emissions.

The Era of Megafires

An East Troublesome-like fire seems inevitable for Vail, Aspen and other resort communities

Announcing the UArizona Native American Advancement, Initiatives, and Research web portal

We are excited to announce that the UArizona Native American Advancement, Initiatives, and Research web portal for Indigenous programs, research, partnerships and pathways is now live