Wildfires are roaring in the west – but not all of them are bad

Another large fire season is casting smoke across the country, with conditions ripe for major devastation. But not all fires are bad, and the widespread burning also brings long-term benefits.

Rain during monsoon season is becoming less reliable, less effective

It's monsoon season in the American Southwest. For Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, the seasonal rains are very important for rivers and pastures and for keeping wildfires in check. But climate change has made the monsoon less regular. Here's Michael Elizabeth Sakas from Colorado Public Radio.

This summer could change our understanding of extreme heat

The record-smashing Pacific Northwest heat wave suggests that climate change has forced us past a threshold for temperatures.

Monsoon floods rejuvenate Santa Cruz River ecosystem

After one of Tucson's driest years on record in 2020, recent flooding in the Santa Cruz River spells hope for a recovering riparian ecosystem and the water table lying beneath. 

A Drought So Dire That a Utah Town Pulled the Plug on Growth

Groundwater and streams vital to both farmers and cities are drying up in the West, challenging the future of development.

Cultivating optimism as drought cripples the Colorado River

A historic drought has desiccated much of the American West, bringing reservoir levels to record lows and stoking fears of catastrophic wildfires across the region.

Can the Southwest survive with less water?

Sometime next month, for the first time, the federal government is likely to declare a water shortage at Lake Mead.

Stopping arsenic from contaminating drinking water

SASKATOON – Researchers used synchrotron light to determine that plant waste could be an ideal, cost-effective method for preventing arsenic in mine waste from polluting our water.

Buffelgrass battle: What's needed to make sure weeds don't win at saguaros' expense

Total victory might be out of reach, but Tucson’s war on weeds isn’t a hopeless quagmire.

'The West is a tinderbox': Heat and drought set the stage for the huge wildfires burning across the region

June’s record-breaking heatwave was the final ingredient needed for explosive wildfire growth. Fire experts say things could still get much worse.

Colorado's monsoon season is struggling to bring relief to rivers, ranchers and wildfires as the climate warms

The North American monsoon has returned to Colorado, and the rain has brought some much-needed relief to some of the driest parts of the state — after multiple back-to-back years of almost no summer rain.