Institute of the Environment 2017

Udall Center Selects 2015–16 Environmental Policy Fellows

Friday, May 29, 2015

With primary financial support from the University of Arizona's Institute of the Environment, and partial support from the Udall Center and the Office of Research and Discovery, the Udall Center has selected two UA faculty members as Udall Center Environmental Policy Fellows for 2015–2016.

• Alex Cronin, professor of physics with a joint appointment in the College of Optical Sciences, will focus his research on developing new policies to efficiently and economically integrate renewable energy from solar and wind power. Cronin’s research will highlight ways to apply state-of-the-­art forecasting technologies, energy storage methods, and fluctuation analysis developed at the UA to recommend policies that increase the amount of wind and solar power that utilities use.

• Sallie Marston, professor in the School of Geography and Development, will study the capacity for experiential environmental education to aid emotional development, cognitive capacities, and enable longer‑term student success. Marston’s research will examine how school gardens shape the political and environmental subjectivities of those who participate in their production, and the implications these findings have for environmental and educational policy.

Cronin and Marston will affiliate with the Udall Center for one semester during the coming academic year and will engage in research on topics related to public policy and will develop research proposals for external funding.

Since the inception of the Udall Center Fellows Program in 1990, the center has named 138 fellows from 40 departments and units across the UA. The Institute of the Environment has supported 35 environmental policy fellows representing 20 academic units.

For more information, contact Jenny Neeley, environmental program coordinator, at or (520) 626-4393.