Water Resources

There is a reason UArizona is No. 1 in water resources: we take water seriously. At Arizona Environment, we examine the critical intersections between groundwater and surface water, climate change and water supply, wildfire and water quality, conservation and quality of life, emerging contaminants and wastewater reuse.

Water Dam

With over 280 faculty members in 48 departments working collaboratively on water science and policy, we innovate on water-related solutions at multiple scales. Every year, the UArizona advances new management approaches, technologies, tools and data to build resilience, water security and water safety for the future. The University of Arizona Water Network is organized into five themes – drought and climate, environmental systems, management and policy, society and culture, and technology and industry. As new water challenges come, Arizona Environment stands ready to provide real-world experience and cutting-edge research to help build solutions in the context of new technologies, interconnected watersheds and multiple sources of scientific and technical uncertainty.

Research Spotlights in Water Resources

Mark Brusseau

Environmental Science and Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Brusseau studies the factors and processes that influence the transport and fate of contaminants in the subsurface and discharge into groundwater.

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Karletta Chief

Environmental Science

Chief investigates climate change and drought impacts to indigenous peoples, with a focus on arid zone hydrology, drought resiliency planning, and regional meteorology and climatology.

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Sharon Megdal

Water Resources Research Center

Megdal’s research focuses on water policy and management, including comparative evaluation of water management, policy, and governance in water-scarce regions of the world.

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Michael Crimmins

Environmental Sciences & Arizona Cooperative Extension

Crimmins’s research includes investigations of seasonal climate predictions and drought management preparedness.

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Dominic Boccelli

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Boccelli focuses on urban water infrastructure, particularly real-time modeling of drinking water distribution systems, contamination warning systems, and water quality issues associated with disinfectants and by-product formation.

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Kevin Lansey

Hydrology and Water Resources & Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Lansey’s research foci are water distribution and systems analysis, conjunctive water supply and reuse, and ecohydrology and decision making in the Sonora and San Pedro watersheds.

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