Global & International Environmental Solutions

Arizona Environment creates knowledge for action in order to solve the world’s complex problems in culturally, environmentally, and just ways. Our students and faculty meet this goal by creating, translating, and sharing knowledge of the connected human and natural systems, and we focus on collaborative processes, science-based solutions, and a commitment to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

UArizona’s international research and service focuses on understanding decision-making and the role of information in it, the contextual conditions that create different impacts to the same hazard, and identifying the capabilities that that facilitate the resilience to social and environmental change. We address these and other issues in regions where health, disaster preparedness, and economic development are paramount challenges. We work collaboratively to define environmental problems, design research, and create solutions, and create tools such as early warning systems, data visualizations, and adaptation options. We also design, conduct, and evaluate capacity building and training programs to enhance adaptive learning.