Earth Science & Remote Sensing

Arizona Environment provides unparalleled expertise in the study of Earth and planetary sciences including development and application of remote sensing techniques, spatial data analysis and modeling.  As a major sponsor of U.S. spacecraft missions and spatial observing systems, UArizona is renowned for Earth, Planetary, and Optical Sciences, Astronomy, and the Earth Dynamics Observatory.  

Our faculty and researchers integrate across Earth and planetary sciences, combining geophysics, geochemistry, engineering, geology, and astronomy to study Earth and other planetary systems within and beyond our solar system. We work at the forefront of scientific discovery to understand the nature, genesis, and history of Earth and the solar system, and how the environment and biota at the Earth’s surface evolves and responds to a changing climate and growing population. UArizona promotes both basic and applied research, incorporating geospatial technologies and observations, field and remote sensing data and analysis, modeling of coupled human and natural systems, and decision support.