Data, Informatics & Modeling

Understanding our complex and changing environment requires the ability to extract new forms of data, integrate and analyze large amounts of disparate data, and model complex adaptive systems. Arizona Environment is a leader in managing big data, data services and observing systems to understand future environmental conditions and challenges.

UArizona has a strong tradition of developing and using unique large-scale data sets, in such diverse fields as tree rings, satellite imagery and plant genetics. All of these data are now integrated and analyzed using advanced analytics, informatics and visualization tools in complex computer models. Our experts develop new algorithms and approaches to data analysis, mining and visualization to provide policy-makers stronger decision support tools to respond to environmental change. We are building more resilient communities by integrating informatics, mapping, modeling, and advanced optical and imaging tools.



Research Spotlights in Data, Informatics, & Modeling

Joellen Russell


Russell is monitoring carbon uptake in the oceans and exploring the oceans’ role in climate and climate change through statistical analyses, ultrahigh resolution coupled climate models, and earth system models.

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Jekan Thanga

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 

Thanga works on the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to design, control, and manage/operate field sensor networks, satellite constellations, and unmanned vehicles to compile environmental data in space and extreme environments.

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Laura Condon

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences 

Condon is developing an integrated hydrologic modeling platform of the US to advance high-resolution physically based groundwater-surface water simulations and quantification to better understand lateral groundwater flow to watershed systems.

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Kevin Anchukaitis

Geosciences and Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research 

Anchukaitis is developing and analyzing high-resolution proxy records of past climate and paleoenvironmental variability using proxy system and climate models and a diverse set of statistical techniques.

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Guo-Yue Niu

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences 

To improve predictive understanding of the climate impacts on Earth’s critical zone processes, Niu is developing a Terrestrial Integrated Modeling System to describe coevolution of hydrological, microbial, geochemical, geomorphological and ecological processes at the Earth’s land surface. 

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