Climate Science, Adaptation & Resilience Solutions

Arizona Environment is nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise in climate science, assessment of climate impacts, and design of collaborative, science-based risk management solutions at multiple scales.

Arizona Environment brings together a wealth of expertise to support sound management choices in the context of climate change, linking science, information needs of managers, and decision-making. The University of Arizona has a broad array of existing programs and capacities and over 60 faculty members and three centers that specialize in climate solutions. Our faculty have led national and international climate assessments and development of on-the-ground adaptation plans and programs across the globe. UArizona adaptation efforts are integrated and coordinated within the Arizona Institutes for Resilience (AIR), which promotes timely and relevant science support for decision-makers in the public and private sectors.



Research Spotlights in Climate Science, Adaptation & Resilience Solutions

Katharine Jacobs

Environmental Science & CCASS

Jacobs’ work focuses on climate change adaptation, the use of climate information for water management applications, arid lands water policy and drought planning, stakeholder engagement, and integrating science and decision-making.

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Diana Liverman

School of Geography and Development 

Liverman explores the human dimensions of global environmental change; climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation; climate justice; and climate policy and mitigation especially in the developing world. 

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Daniel Ferguson

Arizona Institutes for Resilience & CLIMAS

Ferguson’s focus areas include climate impacts and adaptation strategies for Native American communities and processes for building scientist/practitioner partnerships to address climate-related issues in society.

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Chris Scott

School of Geography and Development & Udall Center 

Scott investigates policy dimensions of global change, with emphasis on water and energy security, climate adaptation, urban wastewater and water reuse, agricultural-urban water transfers, and transboundary water resources.

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Carolyn Enquist

Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center 

Enquist focuses on the natural resource management implications of climate change for biodiversity conservation, as well as supporting climate adaptation through collaboration, partnership-building, and stakeholder engagement.

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Don Falk

School of Natural Resources and the Environment 

Falk’s research focuses on fire history, fire ecology, and ecological restoration and resilience in a changing world. 

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