Arts & Humanities

Responding to social and cultural aspects of climate change requires integration of arts, humanities and science to enhance trans-disciplinary innovation and competitiveness of research proposals. Arizona Environment embraces a more sustainable future, with multiple disciplines working together - including fine arts, design, history, literature, philosophy and cultural studies.

UArizona faculty explore the natural world and its connections to humanity through literature, creative writing, art history, and the visual and performing arts with strong connections to the community. The arts and humanities provide the opportunity to approach solutions to environmental challenges through a holistic, social justice lens that can inspire decision-makers, practitioners and researchers to develop resilient solutions for a more sustainable future. The paintbrush and pen can be mightier than PowerPoint when it comes to explaining, on a human scale, our environment and the urgency of global climate change!


Research Spotlights in Arts and Humanities

Ellen McMahon

School of Art

McMahon uses a range of media to investigate the relationship between visual art, daily life, and the ways we frame and study social and environmental problems

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Christopher Cokinos


Cokinos is a prize-winning poet and nonfiction nature and science writer whose new project examines the promise and perils of large-scale and divisive environmental technologies, such as geoengineering and biology.

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Margaret Wilder

School of Geography and Development & Latin American Studies

Wilder conducts research on water equity and security, water and climate justice, critical water governance, and transboundary climate vulnerability and adaptation.

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Susan Briante


Briante is an accomplished poet who also leads a program to bring MFA students to the US-Mexico border to work with community-based environmental and social justice groups.

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