Sarah LeRoy
Research Assistant
(520) 626-4579

Sarah LeRoy joined the Institute of the Environment in September 2011. Currently she is working on a project with the Western Adaptation Alliance, an alliance of 15 cities in the Southwest U.S. with similar climate adaptation challenges. The project aims to inform their communications with key constituencies by focusing on the principal climate risks faced by each of these cities. Recently, Sarah has also assisted in the completion of, and outreach for, the Southwest regional input to the National Climate Assessment. Sarah has a background in both ecology and paleoclimatology. Her previous research experience involves reconstructing past precipitation using both lake sediments in the Peruvian Amazon and isotopes in Australian and Peruvian trees. Her current interests include climate change impacts in the Southwest region, and how to effectively communicate climate change science to the public and decision makers.

Selected Citations: 

Garfin, G., A. Jardine, R. Merideth, M. Black, S. LeRoy (eds.), 2013. Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States. Washington, DC: Island Press, 509 p.

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Climate change
Extreme events
Risk communication
Science communication

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