Sallie Ann Marston (photo: Moses Thompson)
Sallie Ann Marston
Professor, School of Geography and Development
Director, UA Community and School Garden Program
(520) 621-3903
PhD, Geography, University of Colorado, 1986

My work is located at the intersection of socio-spatial theory and politics. I am particularly interested in how space, or sites, are bound up in and shape the production of subjectivities, bodies, practices and discourses. At the empirical level I focus on everyday life and the seemingly mundane practices that constitute it. My most recent research projects focus on art-science collaborations and how they unfold in the lab or the studio and what effects they have on the participants who constitute them and the ways they go about their work. I am now researching how experiential curriculum—linking classroom learning to school gardens and their wider ecologies—shapes the subjectivities of low-income children and teaching staff. This research seeks to explore a level of being where the collaborative focus of experiential education shapes a subjectivity able to meet the ethical demands of a world of “others”.

Selected Citations: 

2015 “School Gardens as Sites for Forging Progressive Socio-Ecological Futures,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, special issue, 105(2): 407-415 (S. Moore, J. Wilson, S. Kelly-Richards, S.A. Marston)

2015 “The Art of Socio-Ecological Transformation,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, special issue, 105(2): 331-341 (H. Hawkins, S.A. Marston, M. Ingram and E. Straughan)

2015 “One Sinister Hurricane: Rethinking Collaborative Visualization,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105(3): 1-16 (K. Woodward, JP Jones, L Vigdor, H. Hawkins, S.A. Marston and D. Dixon)

Research Themes: 
Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Community education
Urban Environment

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