Karl Flessa
Professor, Department of Geosciences
PhD, Brown University, 1972

Karl Flessa's research interests include conservation biology, historical ecology and invertebrate paleobiology. His current research focuses on the policy and effects of transboundary environmental flows, the environmental consequences of water diversions on the Colorado River Delta, restoration of wetland and estuarine habitats, transboundary ecosystem services and how geohistorical records can be utilized in conservation biology.

Selected Citations: 

Flessa, K.W., 2014. Research networks and large-landscape conservation and restoration: the case of the Colorado River Delta., pp 47-59. In: Levitt, J.N., ed. Conservation Catalysts. The Academy as Nature’s Agent. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, MA.

Flessa, K.W., Glenn, E.P., Hinojosa-Huerta, O., de la Parra-Renteria, C.A., Ramirez-Hernandez, J., Schmidt, J.C. and Zamora-Arroyo, F., 2013. Flooding the Colorado River Delta: A landscape-scale experiment. EOS 94: 485-486.

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Glenn, E.P., Flessa, K.W. and Pitt, J., 2013. Restoration potential of the aquatic ecosystems of the Colorado River Delta, Mexico: Introduction to special issue on “Wetlands of the Colorado River Delta” Ecological Engineering 59:1-6.

Research Themes: 
Conservation policy
Land use change
Water resource management
Conservation biology
Ecosystem restoration
Ecosystem services
Land use change
Landscape restoration
Marine ecology
Riparian ecology
Science Engagement
Connecting science and decision making
Water conflicts
Water law and policy
Water resource management
Watershed hydrology

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