Joe Tabor
Assistant Professor, Department of Community, Environment & Policy
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Public Health
Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
(520) 626-0795
PhD, Epidemiology, University of Arizona, 2009

I am an international expert in epidemiology & soil science improving public health, household livelihoods, and natural resource conservation. I have worked in 26 countries for a variety of public & private sector organizations, from small NGOs to major donors such as USAID. I identify root causes of problems in land management, soil health, productivity, food security and public health. I translate qualitative and quantitative findings through the best available science to achieve pragmatic solutions to complex problems. My consulting on numerous USAID sector assessments reinforced my appreciation for trans-disciplinary approaches to complex problems because they take into account the multiple dimensions of large-scale problems that allow better framing of questions, identification of solutions and formulation of strategic policies.

Selected Citations: 

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Research Themes: 
Food security
International development
Conservation policy
Environmental law and policy
Data cleaning and information extraction
Soil science
Public Health
Decision support
Infectious disease
Urban Environment
Public Health
Public Health

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