Derek Lemoine (Photo credit: Thomas Veneklasen Photography)
Derek Lemoine
Associate Professor, Economics
Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
(520) 621-2164

Professor Lemoine's research combines economic theory and computational methods to better understand the dynamics of environmental policy and of energy systems.

Selected Citations: 

Lemoine, D. and C. Traeger. 2014. Watch your step: Optimal policy in a tipping climate. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 6(1):137-166.

Baker, E., M. Fowlie, D. Lemoine, and S.S. Reynolds. 2013. The economics of solar electricity. Annual Review of Resource Economics 5(1):387-426.

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Lemoine, D.M., D.M. Kammen, and A.E. Farrell. 2008. An innovation and policy agenda for commercially competitive plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Environmental Research Letters 3(1):014003.

Research Themes: 
Business and Economics
Climate change impacts
Decision making
Economic adaptation and climate change
Energy Economics
Climate and Adaptation
Climate change
Climate variability
Distributed generation
Electricity markets
Energy Economics
Energy innovation
Energy markets
Renewable energy
Governance, Law, and Policy
Energy policy

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