Jeffrey Banister
Assistant Research Social Scientist, Southwest Center
Assistant Editor, Journal of the Southwest
Assistant Research Professor, School of Geography & Development
(520) 245 - 0586
Ph.D. Geography, University of Arizona, 2010; M.A. Latin American Studies; University of Arizona, May 1995; B.S. Criminal Justice, Northern Arizona University, May 1992

I have a dual position, split between the University of Arizona's Southwest Center and School of Geography and Development. As assistant editor of Journal of the Southwest, I have worked to build on the university’s tradition of collaborative investigation and publication with Mexican institutions. JSW also publishes across the social sciences and humanities, focusing on northwest Mexico and the greater Southwest. My research and teaching interests range widely, from the geographies of institutions and rural development in Mexico and Latin America, to the connections between everyday life and the broader quest to create spaces for social justice and autonomous environmental politics.

Selected Citations: 

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Research Themes: 
Art history
Environmental history
Agrarian societies
Food security
Conservation policy
Decision making
Institutional analysis
Native nations
Political ecology
Water rights
Arid lands
Indigenous knowledge
Arid lands
Water conflicts
Water distribution systems
Water law and policy
Water resource management
Watershed management

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