Green Guides Student Ambassador, Franny Slater, Retires After 3 Years and Many Changes

May 9, 2022
Franny Slater riding a bike in the desert

What year are you? & What is your major?

I am a senior majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Computer Science (graduating next week!)

What are you involved in on campus or in Tucson?

I am the Green Guides student ambassador for AIRES, a cofounder and the immediate past president of UArizona Divest, and a 2021-22 Diana Liverman Scholar!

How do you feel your field of study contributes to your involvement in environmental groups?

The only reason I got involved with UAZ Divest and climate activism in general was because of my major. My sophomore year, I was approached by some wonderful climate activists from AZYCC who needed someone with a knowledge of business/economics to get started with researching fossil fuel divestment at UArizona. Since, I have been able to help our team in constructing financial support for divestment and better communicating with the UArizona Foundation and other University leaders. 

Economics allows me to look at the climate crisis in a different way (the way many CEO’s and policy-makers are looking at it) and leads to awesome collaboration with those looking at climate through a STEM or humanities lens. 

During your time at the University what environmental job/club/volunteer opportunity has had the biggest impact on you and why?

Being involved in UAZDivest has has immense impact on me. Being a member of the organization from the very beginning has taught me about both the challenges and importance of collective action. In two years, we have created a community, met with the University of Arizona Foundation (in various capacities), President Robbins, and CFO Rulney. We have gathered support from our student governments, spoken at a symposium, hosted rallies, a movie screening, and so. many. meetings. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished and everything to come after I graduate.

This community is the smartest, most passionate group of people I have ever worked with. They show me every day that radical action is possible (if you ask enough times). UAZDivest has been a catalyst for passions and friendships I will hold onto forever.

What advice do you have for other students hoping to get involved in the environmental space on our campus?

Never pursue your goals alone. We go to such a large university and I guarantee there is someone on this campus that can help you.  Surrounding myself with like-minded, driven people has allowed me to find opportunities and create change that would be impossible alone. Most of the time, your goal can’t be accomplished on the first try, but even rejection is a lot better with friends. I encourage you to apply this advice in activism, academia, careers, and really anything you want to see happen for yourself and your community.

What did you like most about working as the GREEN GUIDES Ambassador throughout the past few years?

My favorite part of working as the Green Guides Student Ambassador has been my ability to help build this incredible resource. When I started at AIRES, Green Guides didn’t have an Instagram and now we have almost 1,000 followers (please go follow @uazgreenguides if you don’t already)! Building our social media presence, this newsletter, and the Green Guides website has given me a part in people’s college and career experience, while also inspiring my own. I am so happy I got to explore the environmental space at UArizona and will really miss getting paid to look for jobs, post on Instagram, and spend time outside. 

I am also very grateful to have worked with some of my closest friends and amazing mentors.