Explore environmental opportunities with UNIV 122: Find Your Environment

July 2, 2024

Understand personal goals and environmental opportunities at UArizona in this new one-credit course

Two students sitting on the UArizona lawn

Are you interested in a major that will prepare you for a career in an environmental field but don’t know where to begin? Consider taking UNIV 122: Find Your Environment this fall! 

Designed for first year and exploratory students interested in environment, sustainability and resilience, this one-unit course will help students better understand themselves, their goals and the available opportunities in environment and sustainability pathways. 

“Deciding on a major and beginning to prepare for a career is a big step,” Ursula Basinger, Find Your Environment academic advisor and course instructor, said. “Courses like UNIV 122: Find Your Environment help students gather knowledge about themselves and their options to make an informed decision on the pathway they want to commit to.”

UNIV 122 will introduce students to relevant campus resources, programs and opportunities while also hosting conversations with advisors, faculty and students across disciplines who will share their insights. 

Students will also participate in exercises that will help them articulate their personal values, strengths, and academic interests in the context of available careers and plans of study. 

“Whether a student is interested in science, engineering, arts, or the humanities, this course will open their eyes to many ways of being an environmental steward in college, career, and life,” Basinger said.

UNIV 122: Find Your Environment will be held in-person at the Tucson campus this fall on Wednesdays from 2 - 2:50 p.m. The course complements the online resource and advising program of the same name environment.arizona.edu/findyourenvironment. 

“This course is a great way for students looking to get involved in environmental and sustainability programs to connect with their peers and to learn about the opportunities available to them,” Basinger said.

Please contact course instructor Ursula Basinger at basinger@arizona.edu with questions.