Burke Wood Talks about His Love for the Borderlands and Tucson Food

May 4, 2021
Burke Wood headshot

What is your field of study/year in school?
I am a current sophomore studying Environmental Studies (BA) with a minor in Spanish.

What are you involved in on campus or in Tucson?
I am involved in a sophomore honorary, Sophos, the Honors college, our Defenders of Wildlife Campus Club, and UAZ Divest

What environmental issues are you most passionate about?
The environmental issues I am most passionate about are those related to conservation and protection of the Southwest borderlands. I am a native Arizonan and care deeply for the place I call home. I am also interested in marine conservation.

What is your favorite thing to do in Tucson?
My favorite thing to do in Tucson is trying all the incredible food we have here and exploring the diverse landscape and environment that this city has to offer.

What is a goal you hope to accomplish before graduation?
Before I graduate, through the few organizations I am a part of, I hope to help establish a large base of students who are involved in environmental efforts and initiatives that come from all types of backgrounds and majors. 

Who has inspired you the most in your time at UArizona?
Former professor Dr. Thomas Wilson is one of my biggest inspirations since my time here at the University of Arizona. His authenticity and love and knowledge for the Earth is unparalleled.