Announcing the UArizona Native American Advancement, Initiatives, and Research web portal

July 7, 2021
Flags from Tribal Nations being displayed in front of Old Main on the UA campus

We are excited to announce that the UArizona Native American Advancement, Initiatives, and Research web portal for Indigenous programs, research, partnerships and pathways is now live!

Thanks to a team led by Claudia Nelson and Kelly Smith, and the vision and leadership of Karen Francis-Begay, Rob Williams, and Vishal Siddharth Gaikwad, the NAAIR web portal promises to support impactful and respectful engagement with UArizona Native and Indigenous pathways.

The new portal features information for Native students, faculty, and researchers, and community resources and engagement opportunities. It will serve as a rich resource for education and awareness, aiming to create paths for all to learn more about who we are together, the communities we serve, and the lands on which we work and live.

Supported by the Arizona Institute for Resilience and the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environmental and Social Justice, this portal is a cutting edge outreach initiative to recognize Native and Indigenous research and teaching practices.

“UArizona has long been a leader in Tribal Resilience initiatives,” said Toni Massaro, Director of the Haury Program. “This new portal builds on the university’s work, offering both community and campus resources, as well as a place where UArizona students, faculty, and community members can have access to the perspectives, initiatives, and research of Indigenous communities throughout Arizona.”

Visit the NAAIR portal to learn more.