Undergraduate Major Programs

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Architectural Engineering

Develop your foundation in structural health monitoring and analysis, materials processing, water and energy efficiency, and gain real-world experience through specialized projects, architectural studio courses, and paid internships while preparing for a career focused on the structural integrity and resilience of buildings and the comfort and health of their occupants.

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Apply computational techniques to manage, analyze, and understand biological information with highly sophisticated computational algorithms and tools coupled with the deep biological knowledge. The degree program will provide you with the knowledge and expertise in both computational and biological domains necessary to be competitive in this rapidly growing field.

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Environmental Science

Soil, Air, and Water Emphasis

Working in classrooms, labs and in the field, develop a broad scientific understanding of human influence on the natural world, from a molecular level to a global scale, and how environmental systems sustain climate, purify water, provide food and fiber, and remediate pollution.

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Probability and Statistics Emphasis

Master mathematical theory and hone your logic and reasoning skills in this major, positioning yourself for in-demand roles across business, tech, and research. This major caters to students aspiring to attend graduate school in statistics, economics, or a related subject. Must include a minor outside of the Department of Mathematics.

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Public Health

Environmental and Occupational Health Emphasis

Focus on environmental justice, public health preparedness, industrial impact, sanitation, and safety fundamentals and complement your coursework with an internship that provides professional public health experience. If you're interested in environmental health, protection of natural resources, and safety for workers and communities, consider this major.

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Public Health

Global Health Emphasis

Prepare for a career helping to prevent the spread of disease, deploy clean water initiatives, and support communities in times of natural disasters. Explore sanitation, global food supplies, and epidemiology; complete an internship in your area of interest; and field research and service-learning experience in limited-resource settings in a robust study abroad program.

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Public Health

Health Promotion Emphasis

Focus on education and intervention methods, community health concerns, community wellness initiatives, and school health and safety; complement your coursework with an internship that offers professional public health experience; and graduate ready to find a rewarding job helping others in their communities and beyond.

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Public Health

Quantitative Methods in Public Health Emphasis

Pursue courses on the acquisition, assessment, analysis, management, and communication of health data, health research, and epidemiology to prepare for a career tracking and preventing disease and using data and analytical thinking to help others. Coursework is completed by an internship that provides professional public health experience in your area of interest.

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Statistics and Data Science

Prepare for a career in analytics, risk assessment, finance, and other math- and science-related fields or graduate degrees. Courses in probability, statistics, data science, and computer programming establish a solid mathematics foundation and focus on the capture, maintenance, processing, analysis, and communication of data. Undergraduates also must complete a minor outside the Department of Mathematics.

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Sustainable Plant Systems

Fresh Produce Safety

In this Yuma-based program, discover how production chains become contaminated with diseases, and learn Good Agricultural Practices for the harvest of leafy greens and fresh-vegetable food safety. Coursework provides insight into food safety issues, field risk assessments, facility sanitation, and inspection processes, and provide real-life experience applying soil, water and plant sciences to solve problems.