Undergraduate Major Programs

Scientists in protective gear working on a space probe

Aerospace Engineering

Learn to design and maintain spacecraft, commercial aircraft, fighter jets, and more while developing working knowledge of aerodynamics, control system design, gas dynamics, solid and fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Explore opportunities to complete industry-sponsored capstone projects, some of which become commercial products.

Two economics professionals discussing work next to a laptop


Hone your analytical skills and position you for a variety of career paths including business, manufacturing, labor, agriculture, natural resources ,and government. Students who wish to earn their B.A. in Economics must first enroll in the Pre-Economics major and complete a minor in a chosen area of interest and four semesters of a foreign language.

environmental engineers working outside

Environmental Engineering

Prepare for a career as an environmental engineer who can develop methods for clean manufacturing, wastewater treatment, water purification, alternative energy, and sustainable building. Learn about toxicity and pollutants and how to address issues across a range of industries that potentially affect the environment and public health in classroom study, research, and real-world design projects.

Three students happily examining a wind turbine model

Environmental Studies

This major sheds light on the human dimensions of environmental issues. Explore techniques for addressing pressing social science issues and study physical science techniques as you learn about water, land use, food, energy, the built environment and climate from a critical perspective of policy and social science.

A woman taking a sample from a river


Earth, Ocean, and Climate Emphasis

Develop an understanding of Earth's climate—past, present, and future—and the important connections between the solid Earth, oceans, and atmosphere, and how they influence modern climate dynamics. Graduates pursue careers in environmental geology and scientific research in fields such as oceanography, climate science, surficial processes, paleoclimate, paleoecology and more.

Storm clouds rolling over a field

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Sciences Emphasis

Battle climate change and the impacts of severe weather in at-risk communities by analyzing weather and climate, forecasting, and assessing effects on the planet and people. Following requirements of the National Weather Service, the American Meteorological Society, and the World Meteorological Organization, this major translates to a variety of careers in corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Group of Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources students conducting research

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Emphasis

Learn about the interplay between water, nature and humans, quality and quantity of various water supplies, how water flow affects the environment, drought, flooding, pollution, precipitation, and more while preparing for a career that helps communities and conserves the environment.

Students stand outside James E. Rogers College of Law building


As the first Bachelor of Arts in Law in the country, this degree is designed to meet the high demand for professionals with legal training across a wide spectrum of careers. Students learn key foundational aspects of law, such as criminal and civil procedure, contracts and torts, while specialized internships in real-world environments allow them to home in on areas of interest.

Three students looking happily at data on a tablet


Probability and Statistics Emphasis

Master mathematical theory and hone your logic and reasoning skills in this major, positioning yourself for in-demand roles across business, tech, and research. This major caters to students aspiring to attend graduate school in statistics, economics, or a related subject. Must include a minor outside of the Department of Mathematics.

Two scientists examining and taking notes on samples being analyzed under a microscope

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Fast-track towards a graduate degree with courses in genetics, physics, chemistry, hands-on experience in laboratory research, honors thesis work, capstone experiences, and opportunities for full-time, paid summer research opportunities with renowned faculty. Complete an undergraduate and graduate degree with just five years of study through the Accelerated Master's Program.