Undergraduate Major Programs

Scientists in protective gear working on a space probe

Aerospace Engineering

Learn to design and maintain spacecraft, commercial aircraft, fighter jets, and more while developing working knowledge of aerodynamics, control system design, gas dynamics, solid and fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Explore opportunities to complete industry-sponsored capstone projects, some of which become commercial products.

Two people discussing a project while looking at a laptop screen

Applied Physics

This interdisciplinary program serves as a launchpad for careers solving real-world problems in the private sector or for advanced study in applications such as engineering and medicine. This major combines a broad interest in physics with practical career skills, networking opportunities, and an Engineering Senior Design Project.

architectural engineering employee

Architectural Engineering

Develop your foundation in structural health monitoring and analysis, materials processing, water and energy efficiency, and gain real-world experience through specialized projects, architectural studio courses, and paid internships while preparing for a career focused on the structural integrity and resilience of buildings and the comfort and health of their occupants.

Scientist working in a laboratory


Learn from award-winning faculty with diverse specialties including protein structure and function, molecular genetics, medicinal biochemistry, optics, physics, and more to address critical challenges that humans face today and tomorrow.

A biosystems engineer examining a plant in a controlled environment

Biosystems Engineering

Develop the skills and knowledge to help guide the world toward a sustainable future by studying ways to sustainably feed an ever-growing world population, harness and preserve natural resources, and overcome environmental challenges. Immersion in design throughout the major prepares you to help protect the health and well-being of humans, wildlife and the Earth.

A researcher examining chemicals in a lab


Uncover the groundbreaking solutions and cutting-edge innovations that will help shape the future of science, technology, medicine and engineering while developing a strong theoretical background in physics, materials science, medicine and biology and learning how to apply that knowledge to a range of biological and physical systems.

Civil engineer working at her desk

Civil Engineering

Prepare to create infrastructure that stands the test of time using methods and materials that preserve the world's vital resources and protect the environment while studying a broad range of subjects. Opportunities for paid internships, fieldwork, capstone projects and design-build competitions position graduates to fill much-needed roles in public and private sectors.

environmental engineers working outside

Environmental Engineering

Prepare for a career as an environmental engineer who can develop methods for clean manufacturing, wastewater treatment, water purification, alternative energy, and sustainable building. Learn about toxicity and pollutants and how to address issues across a range of industries that potentially affect the environment and public health in classroom study, research, and real-world design projects.

Workers in a mine

Mining Engineering

Geomechanics Track

Immerse yourself in a specific area of study, including mine operations, geomechanics, sustainable resources and mineral processing; gain work experience in the student-run San Xavier Underground Mine, network with industry leaders, and explore paid internships and sponsored capstone projects working with mining and energy companies and equipment firms.

Raw materials from a mine being processed on a conveyor belt

Mining Engineering

Mineral Processing Track

Prepare for a career as a process engineer or metallurgists, in valuable metal extraction, designing and operating new extraction technologies, and developing processing and metallurgical techniques for complex ores. A minor in chemistry, chemical engineering or materials science is encouraged.