Knowledge to Impact on Invasive Species

A river in a forest.

Join us for a seminar presentation by David Lodge, Francis J. DiSalvo Director of the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability at Cornell University. Dr. Lodge is an internationally recognized conservation biologist, a past president of the Ecological Society of America, and the founder and former director of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative.

Coffee and light refreshments will be served for in-person attendees.

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In the US, invasive species cause at least $20B in annual costs. The many damages from invasive species throughout the world have mostly been accepted as a necessary by-product of global trade. Such fatalism is however unnecessary and financially foolish. Recent innovations are reducing invasions from ships, and from commerce in living organisms, while simultaneously increasing net economic benefits. New DNA-based technologies provide improved early detection tools, which, if combined with large-scale eradication and control technologies, open the door to a virtuous cycle of innovation, business opportunity, and environmental protection. Such a virtuous cycle will be hastened and enhanced by co-creation of research with decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

11 a.m. to noon, March 20, 2023