(CORE) Student Recycling Specialist

Cats Optimizing Recycling Education (CORE) is a new project that expands Housing’s efforts to better
understand recycling behavior on campus and maximize educational interventions. Reporting to Housing’s Senior Coordinator of Sustainability Operations and Initiatives and collaborating with a Graduate Assistant, the Student Recycling Specialist will play a large role in carrying out this project and combatting the issue of recycling contamination in the dorms. The position will involve weekly audits of recycling contents at all dorm locations, many of which are outside. Safety equipment will be provided. Student Recycling Specialists will then use this data to better understand the state of recycling on campus and create/implement informed educational interventions to decrease recycling contamination.

This is a 10 hour a week, $14.50 an hour position throughout the academic year.

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Our Core Values:
·        Excellence -Excellence is performing at an extraordinary level and exceeding expectations
·        Respect - Respect is treating others courteously and professionally in all situations; valuing and honoring diversity in others; being honest, direct, and courteous in all communications and loyal to all, including those not present
·        Integrity - Integrity is doing the right thing, being honest with oneself and others, being authentic, and being transparent in intent
·        Caring - Caring is being welcoming, kind, compassionate, and willing to help others; showing
concern for a person’s needs; listening more and talking less

·        Conduct weekly recycling audits, examining bags of recycling at all dorm locations
·        Document contamination issues and formulate detailed reports
·        Address observed recycling issues by putting up tailored signage on a weekly basis
·        Maintain the signage at the recycling locations, including cleaning, re-taping, and replacing as needed
·        Collaborate with another student worker to create signage, electronic resources, and other interventions that educate students about recycling
·        Conduct one-on-one recycling interventions (e.g., tabling in dorm lobbies)
·        Relay observations/data to a Graduate Assistant to be used in a larger recycling research project
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