• Monica Schmidt, an assistant professor in the School of Plant Sciences, supports KEYS intern Melisa Bohlman.
    Find your perfect environment at the UA

    With dozens of environment-related degrees, the University of Arizona can set you on a path of real-world, hands-on experience and one-of-a-kind courses that will prepare you to make a difference in the world!

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  • Endless Environmental Events Near You

    From department colloquiums and film screenings, to symposiums, tours, and art exhibits, there's plenty to do on and around campus to get involved in environmental initiatives beyond the classroom context.

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  • UA Faculty and Researchers that Problem Solve and Inspire

    Nearly 300 IE-affiliated faculty and researchers bring their expertise to address the world's environmental challenges, while encouraging students to do the same.

  • Supporters for Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

    Harnessing the collaborative and interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Arizona and among our many partners, the Institute of the Environment links cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with real-world issues to help all societies better understand Earth's natural systems and chart the best course for a more vibrant, sustainable world.

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