Smart Biology for Greenest Landscapes

The University of Arizona's Facilities Management Team began working with Merlin Organics to improve soil health and reduce water usage on campus with a pilot program which started in July 2011. Based on the early success of the Bear Down Pilot Program, the project is now being expanded to encompass the entire Mall area. The objective is to have all turf at the University under 100% organic management by the end of 2012 and to become the greenest campus in the U.S. 

Farmer's Market

The LSSA participates in local Farmer's Markets to reach out to other organizations and the Tucson Community. They currently share a tent with the CEASA (Controlled Environment Agriculture Student Association) selling house plants, native desert plants, and herbs. LSSA aims to expand to other Farmer's Markets around Tucson to network with other vendors and interact with the Tucson community.

Composting with the Wildcats

Compost Cats is an entirely student-run project to convert food and green waste from the University of Arizona and other local businesses into a valuable soil amendment, help reduce the carbon footprint of the university, and save the university money by reducing landfill fees. Compost will be donated to campus gardens and landscapes and to community and school garden projects in Tucson.

Phoenix Biomedical Campus Compost

UA’s cutting-edge biomedical campus has instituted a campaign to turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil for a local medicinal garden. Sponsored by the UA’s Green Fund, and partnered with AZ Valley Compost the team behind this project has set a goal of collecting 500 pounds of compostable refuse per week, from four pickup locations around campus.

Sustainability Condoms

The goal of these sustainability condoms is to educate University of Arizona students and residents of Tucson about current energy use and methods to reduce their energy consumption in a way that attracts people’s attention. There are six packaging designs for people to collect. Inside each packaging there is one condom and different information about electricity usage and technology related to lighting.

Shane Snyder

Taking the Waste Out of Wastewater

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shane Snyder is on a mission to find efficient ways to transform the water we discard into safe and sustainable drinking water.

In water-scarce regions of the world, including Arizona, water reuse is critical for sustainability, and Snyder's research is recognized as a critical component of water reuse projects.


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