Bamboo Mop Handles

That isn't just any old wooden handle pushing those mops around campus. Bamboo handles are all the rage. The highly sustainable wood is harvested every 3 to 5 years instead of 10 to 20, like most soft woods. It is also among the strongest natural materials, possessing antioxidant properties that prevent bacterial growth.

Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals have been effective in saving millions of gallons of water annually at UA. But one complaint: they can get pretty stinky. The Ecoblue Cube, created in Tucson, is a small, dissolvable block that when placed in a urinal, uses the power of natural bacteria to alleviate offending odor. The friendly bacteria migrate through the urinal, dissolving uric scale and keeping things fresh.

Green Cleaning

UA has gone clean and green, trading harsh chemicals for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Three-fourths of traditional cleaning supplies have been replaced with products developed for high performance, reduced environmental impact and enhanced safety. Staff has been trained in the best practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining sustainable buildings.


"Produce on Wheels Without Waste" (POW-WOW) disperses fresh produce to communities at churches, schools and other entities throughout Southern Arizona and the metro Tucson and Phoenix areas. The Nutritional Sciences department helps coordinate distributions with POW-WOW, formerly known as MOM (Market on the Move).

UA Food Day

A Food Day event is organized and celebrated by the Food for All Committee, which has invited the Garden Committee and Compost Cats to participate in a ‘food cycle’ themed event. Each group would have a stall to demonstrate the growth, harvest and decomposition of food. This task may be delegated to a single intern or manager and would require communication and co-planning with the FFA Committee and Compost Cats.


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