Steven Smith
Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Associate Professor, School of Plant Sciences
(520) 621-5325
Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Botany, Cornell University

Steve's research interests reflect both his training in application-oriented plant breeding and his fascination with plant survival in natural plant communities in arid environments. He is also involved in consulting with other researchers on experimental design and analysis. Dr. Smith teaches three undergraduate courses each year.

Selected Citations: 

Pavliscak,L.L., J.S. Fehmi, and S.E. Smith. 2014. Assessing emergence of a long-lived monocarpic succulent in disturbed, arid environments: Evaluating abiotic factors in effective Agave restoration by seed. Arid Land Res. Manage. DOI: 10.1080/15324982.2014.909905.

Brown, J. Jed, Edward P. Glenn, and S.E. Smith. 2014. Feasibility of halophyte domestication for high-salinity agriculture. In: M.A. Khan et al. (eds.), Sabkha Ecosystems: Volume IV: Cash crop halophyte and biodiversity conservation. Tasks for Vegetation Science 47:73-80.

Smith, S.E., Ma. G. Mendoza, G. Zúñiga, K. Halbrook, J.L. Hayes, and D.N. Byrne. 2013. Predicting the distribution of a novel bark beetle and its pine hosts under future climate conditions. Agric. and Forest Entomology 15:212-226. 

Soleri, Daniela, Margaret Worthington, Flavio Aragón-Cuevas, Steven E. Smith, and Paul Gepts. 2013. Farmers' varietal identification in a reference sample of local Phaseolus species in the Sierra Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico. Econ. Bot. 64:283-298.

Research Themes: 
Food security
Plant science
Arid lands
Ecosystem restoration
Grasslands and savannas
Indigenous knowledge
Invasive species
Modeling and simulation
Plant ecology
Sky Islands
Species adaptation

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