Green Cleaning

UA has gone clean and green, trading harsh chemicals for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Three-fourths of traditional cleaning supplies have been replaced with products developed for high performance, reduced environmental impact and enhanced safety. Staff has been trained in the best practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining sustainable buildings.

Reclaimed Water

While the expansive, grassy mall is a favorite spot for students to relax between classes, all that turf requires water. Starting in 2003, the UA made the switch to reclaimed water for sports fields and lawns. Reclaimed water allows the campus to remain green while reducing the impact on the environment.

6th Street Green House Conservatory

The Life Science Student Association (LSSA) currently has two greenhouses on campus. Both are located on the 6th floor of the 6th street garage. LSSA uses one greenhouse for the propagation and production of their house plants, desert plants and tropical plants. LSSA's other greenhouse is a showcase of the many capabilities of controlled environment agriculture. This greenhouse is designed to help further LSSA's education goals, and is open to the public.

LSSA Greenhouse Propagation

LSSA propagates numerous species of flowers and herbs for sale at local farmer’s markets. LSSA aims to support itself through on and off campus plant sales. Proceeds from the plant sales will be directed towards vital expenses as determined by the presidency and advisor. LSSA also aims to support the mission of the Native Plant Nursery by providing species to increase biodiversity in urban areas. 


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