Governance, Environmental Law & Decision-making

A cornerstone of Arizona Environment’s work in governance, environmental law and decision-making is finding solutions to major challenges in environmental management, and engaging the public and on-the-ground experts in our research.

Solutions at a policy level are becoming increasingly important as climate and society continue to change. Bridging the gaps between science, law and policy allows UArizona to evaluate alternative governance and legal structures for issues such as water rights, national and international climate policy, and protection of biodiversity. We engage in cross-boundary environmental management, international development, public policy and governance of indigenous and tribal lands. When we assess critical environmental issues within specific institutional, legal and decision-making contexts, we help put both social and physical science into action.

Research Spotlights in Governance, Environmental Law & Decision-making

Larry Fisher

School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Fisher is developing a payment for ecosystem services program to support watershed and forest restoration in Indonesia. 

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Katherine Snyder

School of Geography and Development

Snyder has been researching sustainable agricultural development in East Africa and how rural land users' livelihoods and decisions are shaped by a broad set of political, economic and environmental factors.

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Timothy Finan

Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology & School of Anthropology

Finan’s research specializes on food and livelihood security as well as cooperativism and sustainability in the rural developing world. 

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James Buizer

Arizona Institutes for Resilience & School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Buizer develops and evaluates mechanisms to incorporate scientifically based findings of projected impacts of climate variability and change into development decisions. 

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