"Produce on Wheels Without Waste" (POW-WOW) disperses fresh produce to communities at churches, schools and other entities throughout Southern Arizona and the metro Tucson and Phoenix areas. The Nutritional Sciences department helps coordinate distributions with POW-WOW, formerly known as MOM (Market on the Move).

UA Food Day

A Food Day event is organized and celebrated by the Food for All Committee, which has invited the Garden Committee and Compost Cats to participate in a ‘food cycle’ themed event. Each group would have a stall to demonstrate the growth, harvest and decomposition of food. This task may be delegated to a single intern or manager and would require communication and co-planning with the FFA Committee and Compost Cats.

6th Street Green House Conservatory

The Life Science Student Association (LSSA) currently has two greenhouses on campus. Both are located on the 6th floor of the 6th street garage. LSSA uses one greenhouse for the propagation and production of their house plants, desert plants and tropical plants. LSSA's other greenhouse is a showcase of the many capabilities of controlled environment agriculture. This greenhouse is designed to help further LSSA's education goals, and is open to the public.


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