AGTM Laboratory Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration System

This system includes a 2.000 gallon metal cistern, first-flush cleaning system and a solar-powered submersible pump which conveys collected water to irrigate plants in the front of the AGTM lab facility. Water is drawn to cool welding metal coupons. The water is collected at the end of the lab session in a poly drum and later pumped back into the cistern for re-use.

Cooperative Extension and Externships

The overall purpose of the Externship Program is to create opportunities for University students to bring their experience, skills and enthusiasm to their communities through innovative sustainability projects. Building on the success of the pilot program in 2011, the Natural Resources and Sustainability Signature Program Team requested funding to support ten students in eight projects in six different counties.


"Produce on Wheels Without Waste" (POW-WOW) disperses fresh produce to communities at churches, schools and other entities throughout Southern Arizona and the metro Tucson and Phoenix areas. The Nutritional Sciences department helps coordinate distributions with POW-WOW, formerly known as MOM (Market on the Move).


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