Applied Carbon Science & Management

A central theme for Arizona Environment is managing carbon by limiting greenhouse gas emissions or removing carbon from the atmosphere and oceans. Although multiple solutions for decarbonizing the planet have been proposed, more accurate carbon data, lower cost technologies, and societal incentives are needed.

The University of Arizona is advancing public and private sector efforts to decarbonize their activities through applied carbon management science and advanced technology development. UArizona faculty are developing and testing new carbon monitoring  and management technologies and exploring innovative societal incentives including policy, environmental and economic implications. Our reputation for scientific excellence and inter-disciplinary approaches, along with our Land Grant status, positions UArizona as a leading institution that can strengthen and support local, national and global mitigation efforts."

Research Spotlights in Carbon Applied Science & Management

Riley Duren

Office for Research, Innovation and Impact

Duren is developing a tiered operational satellite constellation for continuous global carbon and ecosystem monitoring.

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Ave Arellano, Jr.

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Arellano is assessing the value of satellite data on CO, NO2, O3, CO2, and aerosol properties in: a) improving the accuracy of global chemical predictions, and b) quantifying emissions from anthropogenic activities in megacities.

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Bo Guo

Hydrology and Atmospheric Science

Guo does integrated modeling and flow regime analysis for geologic carbon dioxide sequestration and other fluid subsurface injections.

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Rivka Fidel

Environmental Science

Fidel’s research interests include the improving the effectiveness of applications of biochar to soil in diverse agroecosystems in reducing emissions of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

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Murat Kacira

Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering

Kacira does research related to controlled environment agriculture, including the development of photovoltaics-integrated greenhouse systems and optimization of greenhouse natural ventilation using computational fluid dynamics.

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David Moore & Valerie Trouet

School of Natural Resources and the Environment & Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Moore and Trouet are using dendrochronology to constrain carbon cycling models and improve understanding of how temperate forests act as carbon sinks or sources and their resilience to climate change.

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