Philip Rosen
Research Scientist, School of Natural Resources and the Envrionment
(520) 404-2366
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, 2000

Dr. Philip C. Rosen has studied conservation biology and community ecology of amphibians and reptiles in the American Southwest since 1983, focusing on reptile ecology, aquatic species, deserts, grasslands, and urban environments. He has specialized in ranid frog, kinosternid turtle, and gartersnake conservation and ecology, urban amphibian distribution, ecology and conservation, translocation, and long-term monitoring and research in population and community ecology of desert reptiles. In addition, he has worked with desert rodents, native and exotic fishes, and aquatic macroinvertebrate communities.

Selected Citations: 

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Rosen, P.C. 2007. The amphibians and reptiles of the dry borderlands of northwestern Sonora and southwestern Arizona. Pp 310-337 in R. S. Felger and B. Broyles (eds.), Dry Borders: Great Natural Reserves of the Sonoran Desert. University of Utah Press, Logan, UT.

Bradley, G. A., P. C. Rosen, M. J. Sredl, T. Jones, and J. E. Longcore. 2002. Chytridiomycosis in native Arizona frogs. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 38:206-212.

Research Themes: 
Arid lands
Climate change
Extreme events
Global warming
Land use
Natural resource management
Species adaptation
Arid lands
Conservation biology
Ecosystem disturbances
Ecosystem restoration
Grasslands and savannas
Invasive species
Landscape restoration
Natural resource management
Population biology
Riparian ecology
Species adaptation
Species Interactions
Terrestrial ecology
Urban development
Urban ecology
Public Health
Pest management
Urban Environment
Green infrastructure
Landscape studies
Pest management
Urban infrastructure
Urban wildlife
Public Health

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