Jeffrey Fehmi
Jeffrey Fehmi
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
(520) 621-7268
PhD, Wildland Resource Science, University of California, Berkley, 1998

My research program includes: 1) Restoration ecology and how to bridge the gaps between restoration and science. I would like to evaluate how restored sites versus invaded sites contribute to ecosystem services. I am also interested in mineland reclamation and generally how denuded lands can be revegetated. 2) Quantitative methods and how methods represent the real world. I have researching the plant community distributions and their correlation with environmental variables. This includes researching the accuracy of plant community determinations from aerial photographs on the Goldwater range. 3) The impacts of, and recovery from, vehicle traffic on vegetation. Past funding has been for research with respect to military training on military lands. Projects on recreation vehicle damage and recovery are likely future projects in addition to the work on military lands.

Research Themes: 
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Ecosystem disturbances
Ecosystem restoration
Grasslands and savannas
Invasive species
Landscape restoration
Plant ecology
Terrestrial ecology
Arid lands

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