Harold Fromm
University Associate in English, Department of English
(520) 818-1660

I have a PHD in English from University of Wisconsin-Madison, taught at half a dozen universities (e.g. Wayne State, CUNY, etc.). After retirement and a move to Tucson I was taken on by the UA English Department as a visiting scholar/university associate. They've been a supportive patron for the past 16 years, while my publications bourgeoned, morphing from those of a literary scholar to humanities-based environmental, philosophical, science writing. The subtitle of my last book tells it all: "From Environmentalism to Consciousness." Many of my writings are available on my website, most recently "Deep History and Evolutionary Anthropology" and "Ecocriticism at Twenty-five." I also have written on music--Bach, Scarlatti, Vaughan Williams, Toscanini.

Selected Citations: 

Piers H.G.Stephens, Organization and Environment 2010 23: 482 See Google Scholar for miscellaneous citations.

Research Themes: 
Air quality
Human dimensions
Science communication
Environmental history
Air quality
Energy policy
Ecological behavior
Ecosystem disturbances
Ecosystem ecology
Public Health
Science Engagement
Connecting science and decision making
Urban Environment
Air quality
Public Health
Community education
Water resource management

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