Connie Woodhouse
Connie Woodhouse
Professor, School of Geography and Development
(520) 626-0235
PhD, Geosciences, University of Arizona, 1996

Connie Woodhouse is a professor in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona, with joint appointments in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and Department of Geosciences. Her primary research focuses on the climate and hydrology of major river basins in western North America. She uses using tree rings to develop reconstructions of past rainfall and streamflow to put current and 20th century events, such as drought, into a long-term perspective. Another area of research is on understanding and facilitating the connections between science and decision making.

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Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Arid lands
Climate change
Climate variability
Decision support
Extreme events
Natural resource management
Science communication
Stakeholder engagement
Water resources
Science Engagement
Connecting science and decision making

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