Adela C. Licona
Associate Professor, Department of English
Director, Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English
Co-Director, Crossroads Collaborative
(520) 621-1057
PhD, Rhetoric, Iowa State University, 2005

Licona's research and teaching interests include borderlands rhetorics, cultural and gender studies, social justice coalitions, movements, and media, as well as visual culture, community literacies, action research, and public scholarship. Licona serves on the board of Orion Magazine. And she is co-director and co-producer of agua miel: secrets of the agave (in production). aguamiel: secrets of the agave is a documentary film project that focuses on creative collaborations as practices of resistance to globalization's injustices and inequities along this us/mexico border. aguamiel is about how the imagined and the real come together in this space between two powerful nations. It's about reclaiming the funds of knowledge that reside and inform this space and practices there. aguamiel: secrets of the agave is a film about environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability as well as about sustaining community, hope, imagination, and lived knowledges.

Research Themes: 
Environmental Arts and Humanities

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