Peter Kuniholm
Research Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Professor, School of Anthropology
Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
(207) 563-3919
Brown University, A.B. English, 1958; Vanderbilt University, A.M. English, 1963; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Classical Archaeology, 1977

Employment and Teaching Experience:

2013- Professor, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona
2012- Research Professor, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona
2006-2011 Graduate School Professor of Archaeology, History of Art, Classics, & Medieval Studies
2006- Professor Emeritus, Cornell University; 
1995-2006 Professor of the History of Art & Archaeology; 
1989-1990 Associate Professor of the History of Art & Archaeology
1985-1989 Cornell University, Adj. Assoc. Prof. of Archaeology and Classics
1977-1985 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Classics; 
1976-1977 Cornell University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics; 
1978 Alambra, Cyprus Excavations. Assistant Director
1973-1976 American Research Institute in Turkey, Fellow, Director
1971,1973 University of Pennsylvania Excavations at Gordion, Trenchmaster
1968-1970 Verde Valley School. Instructor in English, Housemaster, Director of Athletics, Coach
1962-1968 Robert College. same as above; 1960-1962 Worcester Academy. same as above.

Selected Citations: 

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2011- Ozdogan, M., Basgelen, N., and P. I. Kuniholm, eds., The Neolithic in Turkey. Vols. 1-6 already out, and Vol. 7 forthcoming 2015. In Vol. 6 The Neolithic in Turkey, 10500-5200 BC, Environment, Settlement, Flora, Fauna, Dating, Symbols of Belief, with Views from North, South, East, and West see Kuniholm, P. I., “Dendrochronological Investigations in the Anatolian Neolithic and Chalcolithic,”, Archaeology and Art Publications, Istanbul (2015),

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Research Themes: 
Arid lands
Atmospheric sciences
Geological processes
Art history
Environmental history
Arid lands
Climate change impacts
Geological processes

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