Stephen L. Buchmann

Adjunct Scientist, Department of Entomology

Research Associate, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Associate & Art Institute Instructor, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Scientist-at-Large, The Pollinator Partnership, San Francisco, CA

I'm a melittologist (native bee researcher) specializing in pollination ecology, especially the role of bees as pollinators in wild lands and agroecosystems. Main research interests include buzz pollination, oil flowers and their bees, nesting and mating biology of Sonoran bees (especially Xylocopa and Centris spp.), pollination biophysics, pollen diet breadth in bees, floral volatiles, the chemistry of floral rewards, competition between honey bees and native bees, conservation and restoration biology. Ph.D. advisor for UA students in Entomology and EEB. Publications include >200 refereed scientific articles and 11 books. My latest book is "The Reason for Flowers" (Feb 2016) from Simon & Schuster (Scribner). Hobbies include hiking, cross country skiing, macro and landscape Nikon DSLR photography, scanography, 3D scanning and 3D printing, fine art bronzes, creative writing.


  • PhD, Entomology, The University of California, Davis, 1978