Kyle Hartfield

Assistant Research Scientist, SNRE, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Assistant Professor of Practice, SNRE, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

I specialize in the integration of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System techniques for multi-disciplinary research. 

My current work includes the mapping of woody plant cover in the central United States over three decades. The encroachment of woody plants in the region has societal and environmental impacts. By combining high resolution image data with the multi-spectral capabilities of Landsat we are attempting to measure the percentage of woody cover within the study area. This information will be used to examine the impact of woody plant encroachment on water resources in the region.

I am also helping to map the extent of gold mining within a region of Ghana. I have digitized the boundary of the mines in 2008 and again in 2013. The growth is astounding and certainly has vast negative impacts on the region.


  • MA, Geography, University of Arizona