Christopher Scott

Associate Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Christopher Scott is an assistant research professor of water resources policy at theUdall Center for Studies in Public Policy, with a joint appointment as assistant professor of geography and regional development.
His work focuses on the human and policy dimensions of global change with particular emphasis on river basin management, including surface- and groundwater, urban wastewater reuse, and land use and urbanization impacts on water resources and quality. He has a particular interest in the processes and strategies that enhance stakeholder involvement in water-related decision-making, primarily in South Asia, Mexico, and Arizona.
He holds PhD and MS degrees in hydrology from Cornell University, BS and BA degrees from Swarthmore College, and Professional Engineering registration in New York. He has 10 years of experience living and working in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Guanajuato, Mexico (with the International Water Management Institute), in addition to two years in Honduras and two years in India with NGOs. He speaks fluent Spanish and Hindi, and working Nepali and German. Prior to his arrival at The University of Arizona in July 2006, he was a senior international project manager with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he led National Weather Service collaboration with Mexico and India.


  • PhD, Hydrology, Cornell University, 1997