Paul Sheppard
Associate Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Associate Professor, School of Geography & Development
Associate Professor, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
(520) 621-6474

Paul Sheppard's research focuses on environmental history and change through time.

Selected Citations: 

Sheppard, P.R., Ridenour, G., Witten, M.L. 2009. Multiple techniques for researching airborne particulates: a comprehensive case study of Fallon, Nevada. Pp. 141–156 in Airborne Particulates, M. Cheng, W. Liu (Eds.). Nova Science Publishers: New York.

Sheppard, P.R. 2010. Dendroclimatology: extracting climate from trees. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 1(3):343–352.

Sheppard, P.R., Donaldson, B.A., Huckleberry, G. 2010. Assessment of a field-based course on integrative geology, ecology, and cultural history. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 19(4):295–313.

Research Themes: 
Urban Environment
Public Health

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