AIR Internal Advisory Board

The Arizona Institutes for Resilience soliciting applications for the first AIR Internal Advisory Board

If you or someone you know is interested, please read through the information on this page before proceeding to the application/nomination form.

Applications for self-nomination require a letter of interest that addresses the criteria below and a 2-page CV to be uploaded. Nominations of others require only uploading a letter that addresses the criteria; nominees will subsequently be contacted and asked to submit a CV and answer a few questions.

Apply or nominate


Establish a diverse community of UArizona staff (primarily faculty) that actively participates in serving the University and its multiple environment-related communities by advising on priorities and assisting with strategic planning for funding and focus areas, marketing and communications, and alignment with the University's strategic plan. Members will be encouraged to engage in AIR activities and host Arizona Environment events. Members will extend AIR’s awareness of people, programs, and opportunities beyond the orbit of AIR staff, and in turn will be AIR ambassadors in their own departments and colleges and in the university community, helping to advance the University’s vision of cross-campus, interdisciplinary collaborations aimed at solving real-world problems.


  • The Committee will be advisory, providing recommendations to AIR leadership (does not have decision-making authority)
  • The Committee will be chaired by a faculty member who is nominated by the Committee
  • Meetings will be held quarterly; progress toward committee goals will happen through subcommittees initially supported by AIR staff, but evolving over time
  • Meetings will be led by the Committee chair; the AIR director will be an ex officio member
  • Meeting agendas will, at least initially, be developed in conjunction with AIR leadership
  • Committee members may self-nominate or be nominated by others
  • Aim to have 20 Committee members to start that is broadly distributed across campus
  • Terms of one to three years will be staggered and may be renewed upon record of strong AIR engagement
  • This service to AIR should be considered in the context of P&T — Betsy Cantwell is expected to extend invitations to Committee members
  • AIR staff will support logistics; one or more members of the AIR Lead staff will be named as responsible for communications and agenda-setting, working with the Committee chair

Criteria for membership

  • UA faculty/staff at a level below deans/directors/unit heads
  • Targeted primarily to faculty but will consider individuals in other positions held by interested parties
  • Diversity in terms of research area, extent of professional experience, and gender/ethnicity and other forms of diversity is encouraged
  • Commitment to resilience-related work, desire to build collaborative projects
  • Proven experience in collaborative work environments
  • Interest in innovation, interdisciplinarity, and collaborative ideation
  • Demonstrate willingness to serve on committees and participate in between-meeting activities


  • Commit to attend at least 3 of 4 meetings per year and participate in subcommittee work
  • Advise on priorities that will affect how resources are spent and what program focus areas and uniting themes are determined
  • Review criteria for AIR affiliate status, both internal to UArizona and external
  • Participate in strategic planning related to focus areas and marketing and communications strategies in context of university strategic plan and pillars
  • May serve on other AIR committees as desired or warranted
  • Encouraged to organize/host activities in support of AIR’s mission, such as community engagement, research theme development, and interdisciplinary student activities; such efforts will receive the support of AIR staff
  • Not expected to explicitly represent their department/college but are expected to create opportunity within their discipline/department


  • By providing input to AIR operations and priorities, committee members will influence how environmental programs are rolled across the University
  • Participation will increase professional visibility internally and externally (including on AIR website)
  • Committee members will be recognized for their valuable service in executing this portion of the University’s strategic plan by UArizona upper administration
  • This committee is included on the official “university service committee” list for APR
  • Acknowledging staffing constraints, committee members can receive AIR operations/logistics support for collaborative events that they organize
  • Strong network building opportunities as members engage with colleagues from across campus