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Geography: Physical Geography Emphasis

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Degree
Green Concentration: 
UA College: 
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
Degree/Minor Description: 

Physical Geography is central to answering many of the key challenges the world faces today. The major provides rigorous training in Earth and environmental science, emphasizing quantitative and scientific approaches to studying Earth’s physical environment. Students are encouraged to pursue internships and research opportunities while earning credit for these experiences. Majors may pursue employment in the public sector, non-governmental organizations, city and state governments, and private industry.

Research Opportunities: 

Biosphere 2: Biosphere 2 is owned by the University of Arizona and is an Earth systems science research facility that focuses on the Earth, its living systems, and sustainability. The facility is located in northern Tucson and serves as a center for research, outreach, and teaching.

Tree Ring Research Lab: The Tree-Ring Lab is recognized worldwide as a preeminent center for the advancement of tree-ring techniques and the broad application of dendrochronology in the social and environmental sciences. The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona was established in 1937 by A. E. Douglass, founder of the modern science of dendrochronology. 

Water Resources Research Center: The WRRC promotes understanding of critical state and regional water management and policy issues through research, community outreach and engagement, and public education.

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity