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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BA)

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Degree
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Bachelor of Arts
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The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology degree program offers broad training in biological systems spanning scales from molecules and genomes through organisms to communities and ecosystems. The program covers a wide range of topics, such as genome evolution, genetic analysis of complex traits, functional ecology and behavior, community and ecosystem ecology, ecological and evolutionary theory, and conservation biology. The BA degree is designed for students with interests in natural history or the environmental sciences who may not wish to pursue graduate study or a scientific career (e.g., for students interested in law, business, or other careers that might benefit from a broader understanding of the field of ecology and evolutionary biology).

Research Opportunities: 

Hammer LabThe Hammer Lab has been a productive in researching human evolutionary genetics for the past 25 years. This lab was an early adopter of NGS technology, applying whole genome analysis in humans, in great apes (GAPE Project), and in the Gibbon Genome project. 

Tree Ring Research Lab: The Tree-Ring Lab is recognized worldwide as a preeminent center for the advancement of tree-ring techniques and the broad application of dendrochronology in the social and environmental sciences. The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona was established in 1937 by A. E. Douglass, founder of the modern science of dendrochronology. 

BIO5 InstituteThe BIO5 Institute is at the leading edge of life sciences research, bringing together researchers from agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, basic science, and engineering. The main goal of BIO5 is to find bold solutions to complex, biology-based challenges affecting humanity. 

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Science Engagement